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Fundraising Ideas to Help Save the Environment

Raise funds for your organization, church, or favorite charity while helping to save the environment and protect Mother Earth. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

When looking for ways to raise funds through green fundraising, the biggest question is what kind of campaign should you take on. Here are some of the most popular green fundraising ideas that you can do to help save the environment.


·        Beach Clean-up Drive


This kind of fundraising event is best done during summer when all roads lead to the beach. You do not only raise money, you also help save the environment.


Look for a private corporation or the local community or neighborhood to partner with you and sponsor your cause. Ask them to donate a specific amount for every half mile or half hour that you and your friends, volunteers, or members of the youth ministry will be able to clean up.


On the day of the event, bring large trash bags and gloves. Slowly walk along the beach and pick up any kind of trash that you will find along the way —throw away food in plastic bags or wraps, broken plastic toys, sunscreen bottles, cigarette butts, magazines. As each bag is filled, another smaller group will collect them and give the larger group a new bag to fill. You can also earn more by forming another smaller group who will segregate the trash from recyclables and bring them to the nearest recycling facility that will pay for all the plastic bottles and aluminum cans you collected.


·        Recycling


Collecting ink jet cartridges and laser ink cartridges as well as used cellphones, laptops, iPods, digital cameras, and video cameras is one of the most innovative, spontaneous, and earth-friendly fundraising ideas. Instead of throwing them in local landfills, recycle them! Moreover, this kind of recycling program will not cost you anything. You only need to


Ask the members of your organization, your friends, family members, neighbors, and other interested individuals as well as local business owners to donate their used gadgets, ink jet or laser cartridges for recycling and reuse. You can also approach the leasing managers of office buildings if you can solicit from the offices in their building.


How can you generate cash from these items? You can sell them online or to local companies and they will refurbish the used gadgets or refill the ink cartridges.


Funding Factory is one of the good sources of a complete cartridge recycling setup without any cost to your organization or favorite charity.

It has helped more than half a million schools, non-profit organizations, and other groups raise funds by recycling used printer cartridges and small electronic devices.


·         Sell flowers and plants 


Selling plants, flower bulbs, herbs, and seeds is not only one of the most successful fundraising ideas but also promote a healthier and greener environment. People love flowers and plants in their gardens. Some individuals even pick fresh flowers and place them on their tables and offices.


Look for trade fairs or festivals where you can set up a booth. Talk to the organizers that you are doing this as a fundraising activity to receive discount on rent. You can also hold your own trade fair or “green” festival on Earth Day, Earth Hour, International Diversity Day, and other special commemorative days held to campaign for a greener environment.


Think of other items that you can sell to promote earth-friendly environment. Reusable bags are good suggestion, particularly if you are campaigning for the reduction of plastic and plastic bag waste. Similarly, earth-friendly soy-based candles will also give you high profit level while giving healthier air quality. Organic breads and vegetables are also bestsellers for vegetarians and health-conscious individuals.


·        Run a Marathonenvironmental fundraising


Running for a cause is not an easy deed. But think about it, running on a marathon does not only make our bodies healthy but it also helps save the environment.

Organize a marathon run in a public park or major business district and pledge to donate plant a tree to your local or national park for every registered runner.


Schedule your marathon on a weekend or a holiday to encourage more individuals, families, neighbors, organizations, and communities to run for your cause. Distribute posters and flyers for information dissemination. Include relevant information, such as date, time, venue, length of the run, and registration fee.   


Although the marathon has already started, make sure that you bring your sponsorship forms with you. You will never know when onlookers and passersby will support and give donation for your cause after learning about your activity. Some people may have heard or known about the marathon but, for some reasons, cannot run yet still want to volunteer or donate.


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