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Fundraising Ideas for Hospices and Health Care Organizations

by Susan Landen 3/19/2013

Some hospices and health care organizations operate as non-profit organizations. They need funds to supplement their budget, meet the operations cost, conduct research, and improve the facilities.

Hence, they look for various fundraising ideas for hospices and health care organizations so that they can continue to offer their place to people who are terminally ill, with less than six months to live, and approaching the end of their lives. Read more... 

Fundraising Ideas for the Cheerleading Squad

By Jen Taylor 10/17/2012

With so many fundraising ideas for the cheerleading squad that you can find all over the internet, it is not always easy to pick the right fundraiser for the team.

There are thousands of fundraisers that have been proven to build friends, supporters, and sponsorships for the team.

There are many factors that you need to consider when deciding which fundraising ideas perfectly fit your team. It is also important to ensure that your fundraiser for the cheerleading squad will be entertaining, build teamwork, and keep the team motivated. Read more...

Great Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas That Work Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

By Jen Taylor 7/20/2012

Everybody knows that breast cancer is one of the top killer diseases for women. Worse, when left untreated, it can kill the patient.

Thus, leading breast cancer charity organizations declared an annual international health campaign and chose the month of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote awareness on breast cancer and raise funds for research, prevention, diagnosis, and cure of breast cancer.

If you would like to help raise funds to support the fight against breast cancer, you can try these great breast cancer fundraising ideas discussed below. Read more...


5 Festival Fundraising Ideas5 Festival Fundraising Ideas

By Jen Taylor 7/11/2012

The dream of raising funds for your school, church, or favorite charity becomes more challenging each day.

Selling different items is the fastest and easiest way to raise funds for your school, church, local charity, or organization. This fundraising idea will also bond the members of your group and build teamwork among members.

Check the recommended items below that you can sell to help raise funds for your church, school organization, or favorite local charity. Read more... 

Raffle FundraisersRaffle Fundraiser

By Debbie Hatch

People get excited when they are looking forward to a chance in winning a product or getting a discount for a particular service.

Hence, why not run a raffle to raise funds for your favorite charity or local organization where supporters or anyone who will buy your raffle tickets can win exciting prizes?


Raffle fundraisers are very simple to do but it will definitely bring excitement to the supporters of your cause during the raffle.

Raffles are also one of the most inexpensive fundraising ideas for a local organization or your favorite charity because you do not need to spend so much money to organize the event. Your expenses are limited to the printing of tickets, flyers, banners, and posters, and the cost to purchase the prizes. Read more... 

Fundraising Ideas for Middle SchoolFindraising ideas for middle school

By Cynthia Givens

To help middle school students raise funds for their school or organization, they can sell various products or hold an event that will also provide fun and excitement to both the participants and supporters.

If you are looking for some middle school fundraisers, consider the suggested list of products below that each middle school child can sell without much stress and raise funds for their middle school or organization. These bestselling products have proven to consistently produce incredible results. Read more... 

Fundraising Services You Can Offer to Raise Funds

By Debbie Hatch
4/23/2012 Fundraising Services You Can Offer

Selling goods and products is not the only way to raise funds for your school, church, or favorite charity.

If you do not have any funds to buy materials and produce merchandise that you can sell to raise funds, you can always offer your skills and services to raise money for your school, church, organization, or local charity.

There are various services you can offer to raise funds for your school, church, organization, or local charity. All you need is to gather the volunteers and members of the organization. Agree on a specific date when you will be rendering the service. Divide the members in groups or pairs. Read more...

Green FundraisingGreen Fundraising

By Jeffery Martin

Fundraising Ideas to Help Save the Environment

Raise funds for your organization, church, or favorite charity while helping to save the environment and protect Mother Earth. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

When looking for ways to raise funds, the biggest question is what kind of fundraising campaign to do. Here are some of the most popular fundraising ideas that you can do to help save the environment. Read more...

5 Simple Online Fundraising Ideas

By Gregg Michaelsen 4/14/2012Online Fundraising Ideas

The internet is a free tool that you can use to raise funds online and gain maximum exposure. Yes, you can raise funds online for your organization or favorite charity without ever leaving home!

So, why not maximize its advantage? There are many innovative ways to raise funds online that are very simple with just a couple of our pointers.

Here are some of the simple and easy ways how you can raise funds online. Read more...

The Wounded Warriors Project

By Jen Taylor 4/1/2012

Some of my readers have asked me for some fundraising ideas that go beyond the school and church.Wounded Warriors Project

I feel the Wounded Warriors Project or WWP is a cause that deserves your attention.

Forget about your political views or whether or not you support our nation’s war efforts.

WWP is non-partisan and is all about the warrior and not the war.

These men and women fight for what we take for granted everyday…our freedom. They often come home with serious psychological or physical injuries. Read more...

5 Quick and Easy Fundraising IdeasEasy Fundraising Ideas

By Cherleen on 3/31/2012

When discussing or deciding how to raise funds to support the cause of your church, organization, or favorite charity, it is always recommended to have more than one idea.

Moreover, you also need to make adequate research and plan the fundraising event properly to ensure its success.

Check out the list of quick and easy fundraising ideas suggested below. Read more...


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