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Young people are full of creative ideas - turning those into money needn't be a challenge.

One of the challenges of learning how to manage a church youth group, is ensuring that you have sufficient funds to continue running - usually you'll want to have enough in the bank to keep running for the next three months.

Taking young peoples ideas and turning them into hard cash may require some input from their church or group leader, but they'll be sure to be full of suggestions for fund raising activities. 

A Few Youth Group Fundraising Ideas


When church youth groups need to raise funds, they have a built in benefit - lots of free labor!  When you also consider that the free labor is made up of young people, and the fact that most people want to help young people, it’s easy to see that you have a head start over some other organizations. 


Another plus is a built in group of people – namely the church members – who are likely to support the efforts.  That being said, it’s important to remember that church members are asked to donate to several projects throughout the year.  That’s why it’s a good idea to utilize fundraisers where something of real value is provided. 


Selling candy and pizza is fine, but if you think outside the box you can have successful fundraisers that won’t have people dodging you in the church fellowship hall.  Below are some ideas for fundraisers that will both raise the needed money AND be fun for those who support your group.


1.        Spaghetti Dinner

This is a very common fundraiser, but that’s because it is very effective.  Hosting a spaghetti dinner is not very expensive.  The ingredient list is mercifully short and no special kitchen skills are needed to prepare a decent meal.  This event can be turned from ordinary into extra special without adding to the cost of the event.   Include skits or games throughout the night.  You can even take it one step further and turn the dinner into a murder mystery dinner theater where diners are given clues throughout dinner.  Provide a small prize for the person who provides the best answer to the murder mystery. 


2.        Babysitting Night

This is a great way to raise some money around Valentine’s Day or Christmas.  The older youth provide babysitting services on a set night, such as Valentine’s Day or a few weeks before Christmas.   The parents need only drop their kids off at the church on the night of the event.  They are then free to enjoy a romantic dinner or do some last minute holiday shopping without having to search for a sitter. 


3.        Oil Change Fundraiser

The young men of one youth group raised money by holding an oil change event in the church parking lot.  After teaching the boys how to change oil, and checking the local laws to be sure the event won’t violate local code, advertise the event through church announcements and flyers placed throughout the community.  You can also contact a mechanic with a shop very close to the church and ask if he’d mind sending a few oil changes your way on the day of the event.


4.        Valentine’s Roses

Offer arrangements of artificial or fresh roses that will be ready for distribution on the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. Take orders in advance and then spend a Saturday putting the ordered arrangements together. Husbands and boyfriends will be glad for one more easy way to recognize that special someone, and wives and girlfriends will love being handed a lovely bunch of flowers on a Sunday morning. 


By coming up with fundraisers that actually provide a needed service or welcome entertainment to those who donate, you are more likely to have a successful fundraiser. 


You’ll even find that people are looking forward to next year when you’ll be holding the event again!


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