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One of the best things about raising money in the church is that you've already got a ready made community with hundreds of contacts.

Here are my favorite church fundraising ideas and tips.

Most of your church members will understand the purpose and mission and be supportive.

"If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary to victory."
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Even in a small church, communicating the vision is important in getting people "on board" and feeling as if they are a part of any project - whether it's to raise funds for toys for your creche, the youth group's annual outing or for a million-dollar building project.

Always set up an ongoing communication plan once fundraising starts so that people can find out how it's going - feedback regularly on large gifts or sums raised - this can help to keep the momentum needed for a successful project.

A great way to kick off any project is with a special Gift Day towards it - sometimes the generosity of the church members can mean that no further money is required - but many churches are surprised by how generous the giving can be, once you actually ask for money.

Do consider carefully what months you will be fundraising over, as the Christmas period can be one when families are already struggling for money and have less to spare, so summer and fall may be preferred.

It might be a nice touch to send out letters to everyone in your fellowship to let them know the total donations received on the Gift Day and exactly how it will be used.

Church event organisation

Churches are usually pretty good at providing people to organise events - what they sometimes fall down on is the level of professionalism with which this is achieved.

Do get others involved in discussion about what you're wanting to achieve and ask for ideas of how to get there. You may need to consider budgets, resources needed and volunteer or staff time too.

However, deputising someone to co-ordinated, contact and arrange everything can be a simple step to ensuring that everything goes smoothly, information is circulated and everyone knows what is expected of them.

Don't skimp on publicity and do make sure that you plan plenty of time in advance to get any posters printed and circulated. Don't also forget to make use of free publicity by issuing press releases to your local newspaper and using your existing contacts.

Ideas for Fundraiser Events For Churches or Christian Ministry

Whether you're a christian organisation, ministry or church, you can use a one-off event to help raise money towards a project or to help cover running costs.

Family Photos - this is a family-oriented fundraiser is something for churches and their associated youth groups, creches and childrens groups.
A professional
 photographer is invited in to take family photographs - often just prior to Christmas - offering a simple, yet unique gift to give or post to family and friends.

You can also invite families in your local community in for a family portrait.

The commission goes towards your church funds, everyone has family photos to treasure, friends and relatives have a unique and special gift.

Another "new on the market" idea which relates to photographs is the Fridgi, which is a fridge magnet frame which you can apply to any image. See our Resources section below for further info.

Garage sale - ask members to bring in their unused or unwanted items and using them to raise funds - this is both green and is recycling at it's best.

The best idea of all is to ask for suggestions and to find willing volunteers who will take on the role of fundraiser for your group.

Sale of Goods - from candy to Christmas card and calendars, the church environment is an ideal place to sell popular goods, especially at particular times of year, such as Christmas or Easter.

Obviously this will need to be regulated as some people will not be happy with items being sold in a church on a Sunday - but there are ways round this - such as selling at meetings of mid-week groups in homes, at the creche or youth group, mothers meeting, fathers get-together or even some of your outreach ministries.

Youth Groups & Young People

If your young people or youth group are planning events to raise money, check out our christian youth fundraiser ideas for some funky, fun and creative money making ideas.

How to Donate to Churches

However, most churches raise money from regular giving from their members or attendees.

If you are going to give to a church or Christian charity, you can either make a one-off donation or sign up to give a regular gift.

Incidentally, either of these will qualify for tax relief if you are a UK taxpayer.

Churches are increasingly investing in software and technology to keep track of your donations, so you may well be able to ask for a letter listing your donations for a particular tax year.

Some ministries have even added Paypal buttons to their websites to make it easy to pay by credit card.

Whatever it is that you wish to give your money to, if it's not clear how you can donate to them, then either phone, email or simply ask - someone will almost certainly be happy to help you!

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Recommended Resources

"Ask and You Shall Receive"

Aimed at busy volunteers, this is a do it yourself manual to help jumpstart your fundraising efforts.

Designed for use with the accompanying participant manual, this looks at common fundraising scenarios and helps you to plan and prepare.

Ask and You Shall Receive: The Promise Has Become Real!

Real Stories from Methodist , Baptist and other Denominations - tales told by the fundraisers themselves of why, how and what they did to raise the necessary funds.

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