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My name is Jennifer Taylor.  This website was first started as a result of being involved in school fundraising as part of my job and have enjoyed getting involved in various events ever since.

I'm also currently involved with two charities - one of which is a heritage charity which relies entirely on raising funds from local supporters and groups to continue to run.

Some of the articles are based on my own experience, but others are based on knowledge of other organizations involved in their own fundraising .

We have invited contributions from a number of successful fundraisers with expertise in particular areas.

This business was started back in 2005 and we take pride in the relationship we have with our customers and readers.

We are easy-to-contact , you'll find out contact details below.

Email me at;

Please do get in touch, we're always keen to have new ideas to add to the website - however wild and wacky they are - just as long as they're fun.

Please email us with your suggestions.


Jen :)


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