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Fundraising Ideas for Mission Trips - How to Raise Funds for your Short or Long Term ProjectFundraising Ideas for Mission Trips

It can seem an impossible goal, to raise sufficient funding for your mission trip - but thousands of others have faced this situation before and won through - so too can you !

A brief read through the book of Ephesians in the Bible will show that Paul, when working for the local church, fully expected to be supported financially by them.

Whether you believe it or not, the actual fundraising ideas for mission trips is a part of the trip itself. The challenge and reward of raising funds may stretch your faith, but will encourage you and prepare you for the journey ahead.

"Make your life a mission - not an intermission. "
Arnold Glasgow


This may be the first time that you have had to rely on God to come through financially for you - and, if you believe that He is calling you to the mission field, you can trust Him to come through for you.

Fundraising Ideas for your Trip - Step by Step

First of all, work out what sum you need to raise - this is often a fixed amount suggested by the mission organization or charity.

For longer trips, you may wish to work out an estimate of your monthly expenditure, adding on the costs of travel out to the country or location. Having this information will be helpful when people start to ask you how much to give, and they'll also be pleased to find that you know what you're talking about!

Secondly, pray! Before you do anything else, ask God to supply you with everything you need - this includes not only finance, but also the emotional, physical and spiritual resources that you will need to. Ask him to give you good relationships with others on the team as well as a positive attitude to the leader.

If you are fundraising for a mission trip, it is likely that your friends, family and church will be willing to help you but they may not think to offer. You will need to provide opportunities to share what you are planning to do, possibly have a single fundraising event or occasion, or spend time with people talking about what difference you and your project will be making.

Ask - we can often be so afraid to ask for money that we forget to actually ask. As long as people already have an understanding of what you are planning to do - giving them an opportunity to be a part of it, whilst staying at home, is one that many will be interested in taking up. When they ask "how much", be ready with your answer - perhaps you're looking for 5 people to give $5, 15 people to give $20, 10 people to give $50 and 5 people to give $100. Don't assume anything about people or make judgements about what they can give, let them make their minds up as to what is right for them.

Publicise - make sure you've got some information to give people when they ask. Keep it brief! It should be a maximum of one A4 sheet - include a picture of you, information on when and where you're going and contact information. Try and get the local press involved - your local newspaper will love this sort of story and whilst it may not raise much money, your friends and family will probably be impressed and realise that you are serious about what you're doing!

Prepare - even for a short term trip, you will be expected to serve. Whether it's washing up or leading devotions - make sure you start helping out where you are right now - whether it's at home or at work, make sure that you're so helpful now that they'll miss you when you've gone!

While you're away - consider how you're going to stay in touch with people. Having a blog that you update whilst on your trip can help people keep up to date with their pray and enable them to support you and feel a part of what you're doing.
Alternatively, if you can email a Newsletter home and make sure you've already asked someone to distribute it to your church, family and friends. Facebook is now a great way to keep in touch and creating your own group on Facebook and occasionally posting your news and status could take a small amount of time for you, but have maximum benefit and impact for your supporters.

Finally - have fun, stay focused on God, share and tell your story whenever and to whoever you can & God bless you !

Short Term Missions

There's no shortage of opportunities available with Christian charities and organisations for anyone who feels that they want to "make a difference" and experience working and helping in another town, city or country.

Some projects will offer one or two weeks, whether overseas missions trips over one month are probably more common as well as life changing. The opportunity to get to know the people and really get to be a part of another culture takes a little time, so do consider trips of one month and more.

Finishing college or university is an ideal time to go - perhaps even consider taking a Gap year and getting a one year placement.

What will you choose to do?  You can help in building or health projects (ideal for medical students), evangelism or support work, teach, share knowledge - whatever your vocation, there are associated opportunities.

So, whether it's youth mission trips to Haiti, Mexico or Kenya or short term missions in Alaska or Honduras that you're interested in, checking out the bigger organizations should give you some idea of what opportunities are currently available for 2012.

The rewards of mission trips are not only that you can make a small but genuine difference, but that you gain experience of serving, build character and get a better understanding of what we mean by the term "poor".

One-Off Fundraiser Events

Some people prefer to have a single event - for youth groups and teams going out together, this can be a great way of bringing people together, informing them about your mission and also having a fun evening to help raise money for a good cause.

Sponsored events - get creative and imaginative - try out the old staples of running, walking, skipping or cycling - try a sponsored silence, fast, chocolate or doughnut eating - make up your own ideas !

Family & Friends - have a big party, barbecue, meal and ask for "donations" towards it - or charge £20 for the privilege of being part of your send off party.

Fundraising for Mission Trips - Recommended Resources

Just Giving - this website can make it easy for anyone who wants to give money online - you can even set up your own web page with info about what you plan to do

Funding the Family Business - this has been hailed as THE resource to have if you're planning any available from Stewardship in the UK.

If there's one down side it's that it's so massive and comprehensive that it should be used as a doorstop as well. This is a great book for raising money in a joy and grace filled way, blessing both you and the givers.

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