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Online Fundraising Software - A Necessary Evil ?

Welcome to a brief review of current online fundraising software.Online Fundraising Software

Using the power of online fundraising software to manage your project is highly necessary for professional organizations - especially those who are raising funds from a large number of individuals or grant-making trusts.

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."
Pablo Picasso

Here's a summary of the most popular software available - if your own application is not here, please contact us to suggest it.

Raisers Edge - by Blackbaud

Raisers Edge This is probably the most well-known software application among professional fund raising consultants.

Raiser's Edge by Blackbaud is a popular and comprehensive management system and serve over 16,000 organizations around the world.

This is the non technical guide>>>

They specialize in creating innovative technology solutions to help not for profit organisations and charities meet their day to day challenges. Blackbaud can help to raise money, support Gift Aid programmes (UK) and also enables you to use the power of the Internet for your organisation.

It offers easy to use tools to build stronger relationships with your donors and allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.  You can also have Web access to your database with options to customize for your own needs and requirements.

Additional modules or options include event management, volunteer and membership management.  This a sophisticated tool aimed at professional fundraiser's and larger non-profit organizations.


This is the UK's leading database for charities - and was designed as a customer relationship management solution for not-for-profit groups.

As well as enabling you to engage with your supporters, it provides useful management information to help make informed decisions.


This is a tool which offers Professional donor relations management - enabling you to raise money, with less cost and effort. 
Enabling you to grow relationships with donors, volunteers, foundations and other constituents.

Established for over 20 years, DonorPerfect provides software tools to enable you to achieve your goals. 

You can order a free demo CD and brochure from the website.

Membership & Online FundRaising Software

This product from LinkedSoftware offers a simple solution to your fund raiser requirements

A free trial is available at their website,

Sage Non-Profit

Sage NonProfit This software offers fundraising solutions as well as fund accounting.  Designed to enable not for profit,Sage Non-Profit charitable and government organizations to be able to have insight to make effective management decisions.

The Sage solution offers help with planned giving, donor management, nonprofit accounting and financial management - and is aimed at enabling organizations to overcome challenges and advance their missions, whatever their size or type.

MIP Fund Accounting won the 2005 Campbell Award for Best Overall for its exceptional ratings in a nationwide survey of nonprofit accounting software users.

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