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Fundraising Resources

Helpful Fundraising Websites

Whether you are brand new to fundraising or you’ve been at it for years, fresh ideas and new perspectives are often needed.  Below is a list of fundraising resources that can help you understand fundraising and make the most of your efforts.

This is a goldmine for anyone that wants to have their own fundraiser.  They have so many features that really put themselves out there as the number one, go to guide.


They allow you to buy items, in order to, sell those items for your fundraiser. That includes cookie dough, popcorn, scratch cards, beef jerky and much, much more.


They also give you such great advice about running your own fundraiser.  They also give you some great ideas for hosting your own easy fundraiser!

They cover charity, church, school and sports fundraisers.

If your group is looking for items to sell for a fundraiser, then this website offers a huge variety of choices.  This website is a compilation of several fundraising websites, all in one place.  Just click on the item of interest, and you’ll be linked to the website where the products are available for purchase. 


Another great place to look is: they have a wonderful idea of what fundraising should be.  They have all kinds of things to sell for your fundraiser.  They have help raise close to 38 million dollars!


More Fundraising Resources;

This is another site that has items that you can buy for your fundraiser.  They also offer a free info kit.  They also have tips and articles that you can read about fundraising.


Here is a list of articles about fundraising that cover a bunch of different aspects of fundraising:


They have a list of a bunch of different fundraisers:


Some of them include: Animal Welfare, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, Cheerleading, Church etc.


Here is a link to fundraising 101, it gives the reader a good overview of fundraising and what to expect:


Here is a list of over 1,200 fundraising companies:


Fundraising resources

Here you can sign up for a good free fundraising newsletter, that will keep you up to date on fundraising:


  This website has some great information about events which can be done to raise money for your nonprofit organization, including a section on the laws relating to fundraising - -


This website is useful if you are looking for ways to raise money for a good cause during a GAP year:


There are lots of useful resources out there that can make fundraising easier, use them to your advantage!


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