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  • Over 101 Simple Fundraising Ideas & information on how to raise funds for your project! Looking for some great, free fundraising ideas? Download our free list of over 101 fund raising ideas for 2013
  • Simple Fundraising Ideas Blog. Stay updated with our the latest and greatest fundraising ideas. Let's keep it simple and do it yourself! Have a post? Email me.
  • For large projects, applying to grant making trusts and foundations is a key part of your fundraising strategy
  • Here are your Charity Fundraising Ideas. Some charities have ongoing non profit fundraising efforts, such as running a charity shop through donated items, others have a dedicated group of volunteers who run events and involve "friends" ...
  • Check out or download our sample Fundraising Letter Template - or use it as inspiration for your own letters requesting donations from grant making trusts and foundations.
  • Here's another Sample Fundraising Letter for you to use as a template for your own grant application
  • Raising funding from applications to one of the many grant-making trusts can help achieve those larger fundraising targets - particularly major building projects
  • Applying for grants and raising money from trusts and foundations is far easier if you have a strategy and are clear about your aims and goals
  • Easy Fundraising Ideas to raise money for your group - five simple tips to get you on the route to success
  • Donate to Charity! Donating items to help raise money for good causes is increasingly popular - here's how you can help your favorite charity raise much needed money
  • The Fundraising Art Auction is a great event idea for a high school, charity or high profile group with the right group of clients or supporters
  • Challenge events are the latest , hot exciting idea on the fundraising scene - a great way of having fun whilst raising large sums of money
  • Running a gift shop can be a good fundraising tool - especially at Christmas. Stock it with items such as candy, and items that make ideal small gifts, or can be used to create a homemade gift basket
  • A great fundraiser for men is to run a charity golf fundraising event. Celebrities do it and you can too!
  • Find ideas for group fundraising - for your church, youth group, boy or girl scouts - from simple fundraisers for uniforms to how to raise money for larger projects or trips.
  • As a Boy Scout leader, you'll soon need Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas for your beavers, cubs or scouts ... here's a few simple ideas to get you started
  • Leading a cheerleading team ? Here's some Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas to help you raise that much needed money for uniforms , travel & equipment
  • Raising funds for your local cubs can be rewarding for leaders and parents alike. Here are some great Cub Scout Fundraising Ideas
  • Raising money for your local group of girls scouts needn't be taxing - here's a few Girl Scout Fundraising Ideas in addition to the traditional girl scout cookies to get you started
  • Fund raising with sports ? I have some money making Sports Fundraising Ideas for your teams ...
  • Great Student Fundraising Ideas for student councils, sororities & fraternities, raising money for charity with RAG week and resources for finding grants for college
  • Within Christian churches, youth group fundraising ideas and events, have been a common way for young people to have fun while raising much needed money to cover ongoing costs
  • Our recommended Fundraising Resources - why not contact us to add your url or a link to your related website?
  • Recommended sources for fundraising books and " how to" information for every successful fundraiser - available for immediate download or purchase on Amazon
  • Should you invest money in Online Fundraising Software ? Before you spend a single cent, read what we have to say on managing your membership donations and database.
  • Real life fundraising stories from the fundraisers themselves - how they did it, what they did, how they raised the funds they needed
  • When we needed a creative idea to raise money for our youth group, the pastor decided that it was time to do something a little different
  • One small town created the famous meatball supper where people would come from all over the place to come and enjoy the meal
  • Our old playground in the village was very old, and probably dangerous too, so we decided we should just rip the old playground out and fit a shiny new one for the local children
  • With old church buildings, it's not unusual to have to raise funds for repairs. We learnt to work together to come up with ways to raise money to repair the church roof
  • Celebrating the millennium for our church meant that we listed all kinds of ideas before we finally came up with fitting new stained glass windows
  • Every year the Spanish group goes on a trip to Mexico. That sounds like a lot of fun! There is only one problem - it's a long way to Mexico.
  • Our small school needed to purchase some new computers for the children , as these don't come cheap, we had a big job on our hands
  • School Fundraising Ideas include fundraiser events to fund new buildings & projects - Here are some great ideas from actual experience!
  • Personal Fundraising Ideas. How do you go about effective personal fundraising ? Forget government grants (on the whole) and discover how real people actually raise the money they need
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  • Find fundraising ideas for your school,church, sports or youth group - download our free guide " List of over 101 Fundraising Ideas". Discover where & how to donate your used car or furniture for charity

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